About Us


Our Purpose
We offer women and men in a small group setting the opportunity to find renewed hope in the face of depression and pain.

Our Core Values
Guided by the word of God and em-powered by the Holy Spirit, we will seek to reflect and serve Christ. In pursuit of our purpose, we are committed to:
  • Being Spirit-led
  • Being Biblically-based
  • Being inclusive
  • Encouraging collaborative learning
  • Looking for solutions


What is the Groups of Hope Program?

The Groups of Hope is an eight week program that encourages the participants, in small groups of 10 to 12, to begin to trust each other and to rediscover the reality of God walking with us through difficult times. The program, developed in 2003, is based on the principles of brief solution-focused therapy.
Faith conducting a workshop in Nairobi, Kenya
The program was created by a psychiatric nurse with many years experience in group and individual therapy. Within the hour long sessions, participants are encouraged to find a new way to view their life through relating what they have learned from the Bible to their personal journey.

The Groups of Hope is a program that can be facilitated by individuals without previous group leadership experience, by following the simple format for each session. The Handbook offers suggestions for challenges one might meet, and is used by the facilitators, not by the participants.

It has been used with success in churches and communities with both women and men.

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