There are times when we can feel overwhelmed by the cares and an
xieties that mark our lives in the twenty first century. 

Sharing the Oriya translation of the Handbook in India

Many long for a place of safety and peace, a place where others are interested and listen to what they have to say, and where they can find renewed hope. 

Through the Groups of Hope Program, eight simple hour-long sessions, 10 to 12 people come together with two facilitators to listen to a Bible story, to look at how it relates to their lives and situations, and to discover a place where they are accepted and can be themselves.



God wants us to experience His peace and joy and to find His hope when it feels like things are going wrong. 

The Groups of Hope format allows each person to respond to the message of hope in their own way and to know that they will not be judged. 

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