Story of Logo


with Gladys deVeizaga, a close friend and co-facilitator in Oruru, Bolivia

'Taking your burdens to the cross'

Story of the Logo

The Logo for The Groups of Hope Program was created by a graphic artist from Armenia, Colombia. 

The circle represents the hope-filled circle achieved when those who participate in the program come together. Within that circle, they learn to trust others and to feel valued.

The symbol in the center of the circle represents:
  • a fountain of life and hope springing from the group circle and from God
  • the life that comes through the Holy Spirit
  • a person standing tall with courage to face the world, not alone, because there is another by her side
  • a bird about to burst into song, filled with the joy that comes with renewed hope
  • the petals of a flower opening up to the light.
Everyone who participates in the Groups of Hope is is invited to experience hope, through improved self-esteem and through the sure sense that God is walking with her/him in difficult times.
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